Will C++ Survive?

What these blogs might contain is still vague but of course mostly it will contain something interesting that I'll be studying or reading.

One interesting thing that I read today was: C++ Creator upbeat on its future

Well I may noy completely agree with Bjarne Stroustrup that the real development is going back to C++ from Java and C#, I would agree that universities should offer Introductory Programming courses in C++. If universities are again teaching C++, its a good news. The news says that the use of java has decreased slightly. I wonder that the java users switched back C++ or moved on to C#. C# seems more obvious due to its similarity with java.

Its almost 6 AM now and I've spent the last couple of hours chosing the templates, reading some other blogs and browsing in general. I better sleep now :).


One Response to Will C++ Survive?

  1. usman.alvi says:

    Love to read u

    In our PUCIT, now they have started using C# as their Programming Introduction Cousre. What do u say Is C# capable enough to be used for that Purpose.

  2. faloooooooda says:

    Usman thanks for informing about this. i think it is not fair for students because c or c++ give more freedom and provide plateform where students can explore the internals. the hype created by MS about C# and .NET does not mean that these are suitable for acedemics. do u know how many of programmers still use C/C++ and even assembly for real development and there they have 0% need of C#. a C/C++ programmer can lean C# in a weak but a C# programmer will have work very hard to learn C/C++ which are not out of market and which will not be out of market ever.–>

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