Microsoft Interviews in Dubai

I'm back to my blogs after a long long time. During this period, a lot of things happened.

  1. I completed my course work at the university.
  2. I got a job in a very good software house i.e. Palmchip Pakistan(
  3. And now I got selected for Microsoft.

Today I received the email that I have been selected as an SDET in Microsoft in Microsoft Exchange team. I was interviewed for MS in Dubai last week(Dec 9, 2005 to be precise). I am very excited about it. Thanks to all who prayed for me.

In the coming days, I'll be posting that what happens during the interview process at MS.

For the time being, please pray for me.


4 Responses to Microsoft Interviews in Dubai

  1. Haroon Saeed says:

    Yes boy, good work done. Work at Microsoft will polish you for your future life.

  2. Awais says:

    Yeh, great to see a Pakistani and most importantly Pucitianz working for Microsoft…Our sincere prayers for you and best of luck.

    Awais Masood.

  3. Many Many Congratulations !!!!!!!–>

  4. […] Oh ! When in December 2005, I got selected for Microsoft and I was told that I could join in October 2006 – I thought it is never going to come. However its almost coming and now I think I am unprepared. Finishing couple of projects is not the most problematic issue right now. Most problematic issue is perhaps SHOPPING (No, I don’t like shopping that much:P) and I have a HUGE list. […]

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