MSN Plus Live ( was released today. It was due at 23:40 GMT on July 23. I tried accessing the site at 23:46 and was not connected. At first I thought that they have delayed. But then around 23:50, message appeared on their previous site ( that the site has been launched but is not accessible to most people are getting time out errors due to heavy traffic on site. I tried some hours later and have downloaded it.

I narrated this little story to discuss how small, useful and wonderful software like this can win the hearts of millions. It seems that they probably had millions of downloads in first 24 hours or so (it might be an exaggerated estimate and might not be). But software for which people wait like this are worth mentioning and worth praising. It is a small project with one developer. Started in 2001, it has been the most popular add-on for MSN plus. Its useful in so many ways that MSN PLUS LIVE seemed to me a little incomplete without it (NO doubt MSN PLUS LIVE itself is a great upgrade).

The added feature is a good script support. I have just looked at it and came to the conclusion that even a person having little bit experience in coding with little or zero know how of jscript can customize it.

Having so much popularity and amazingly free (not open source btw). It comes with an optional sponsor install which you can avoid installing (it won't hurt at all).

Smallest, Dedicated Team. Millions of satisfied customers. Some softwares are sure winners in all aspects. MSN PLUS LIVE is just another "living" example :).


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