Windows with a BUSY mode

I want to play counter-strike whenever I’m free and I get irritated on being disturbed when I am busy playing counter strike :).

So what are the precautions that I take before starting:

  1. Set my MSN messenger status to busy to stop pop ups that would appear every now and then. Recently I have started putting a personal auto-message and locking the messenger using MSN PLUS LIVE.
  2. Go to Zone Alarm PRO and start GAME MODE (set to deny all programs for time being).
  3. I have permanently disabled GMAIL WEB CHAT feature (partly because it makes the whole email thing slow).
  4. Most importantly I Pray that any other software like Microsoft Anti-Spyware, Norton Anti-virus would not find anything suspicious or they would not go for update and would shout after that “OH YOU SEE I HAVE UPDATED MYSELF” (I always want to turn off auto-update feature when this happens).

Windows update also keeps on pinging you with messages if it has updated itself and wants to install or restart your PC.

You might be wondering why am I narrating all this. I am doing all this to ask whether Microsoft windows Team can add an operating system level BUSY MODE (not now. They must already be busy in Vista) so that when a user sets this mode, programs suppress their messages. Obviously every product would have to be courteous to implement this but I hope many products will go for that once the option is there.

e.g. there can be an option in Norton Anti-virus that if user has busy mode set right now, it quarantines the file for time being (i.e if Automatic repair fails) and waits for the user response when user gets out of busy mode.

It might not be easy to implement this but hey I am just talking as an end-user. This might help people to work in their office without many distractions or allow someone to right blog peacefully (Zone alarm just got hyper as I am writing this post).

As the number of softwares in an average pc increases, it becomes more necessary to streamline their messages. Otherwise, after sometime, an average user might end up spending 1-2 hours daily playing with the “update/found something/news are available” sort of messages.


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