Friendster gets an “Online Social Networking” Patent

We all know about Social Networking now. We all know about Myspace and Orkut. But I never heard about FriendSter until today. Well it is a social networking site .. probably one of the early players in this field and recently the got a patent approved regarding social networking e.g. how a relationship between two people is determined. The case was filed in 2003 (Yes I didn’t know much about this social networking stuff at that time). And it took them 3 yrs get their patent approved.

In the meantime, many services started providing these services and became more and more popular. Now, they might sue Orkut and MySpace and other such services. Why? Because it seem to be their legal right. But if they sue now, it will look so bad ’cause other services are so well established. Their users will feel so bad if those sites are banned by court.

All I can say is that the patents should get approved faster. Otherwise, the companies might suffer but its the users who would suffer most. Users who don’t know that the page they view is HTML or AJAX .. or its a PHP or ASP.NET. All they want is a good service that makes the contents available in a good fashion, is responsive (yes they still don’t know what AJAX is) and, more than anything else, they want a sincere promise that the service will be available uninterrupted. IT companies make most of their money from these users and hence they should be respected most. Hopefully, FriendSter will make a deal with other social networking services and will let the users remain in peace.


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