What do we sometimes forget while Testing Web Applications?

I was visiting website of Pearl Continental Hotels in Pakistan (probably they bought this chain of hotels from Intercontinental).I went to their Online Room Reservation. Tried a few dates. All those checks were in place e.g. Your check-in date cannot be less than your check-out date etc.

But one thing was amazing for me.

Now let me be specific. Today is July 21, 2006. I tried to reserve a room from July 21, 2005 – July 22, 2005 (I have said 2005 and not 2006).

When I tried dates of a year earlier while using INTERNET EXPLORER 6, it stopped me and showed appropriate error. Here is the screen shot (Click to enlarge).

PC reservation with IE6

But when I tried doing the same with Firefox 1.5, it said that room is available and I can proceed with the reservation. Obviously, there is no obvious advantage. However you can happily imagine that you are tweaking your PAST :P.

Here is the screen-shot of what surprised me 🙂 (Click to enlarge)

PC Reservation with Firefox 1.5

This blog entry doesn’t say that Firefox is not as good as IE6. It merely says that when you are deploying a web application, you should consider testing it on several browsers. Moreover, you should avoid any Browser specific tags/checks that might fail when same website is opened with another browser.

It is very likely that you tested your website against IE7 while your someone uses text based browser in Linux.

Now what is causing this should be the topic of another blog entry. I haven’t searched on it as yet.


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