Zoe and Gretchen (Ex Microsoft Recruiters) – New Blog

This is really exciting. All of us who are fan’s of Microsoft JobsBlog know that it started due to the efforts of Zoe and Gretchen. They have 3 exciting videos as well in Channel 9. Their posts helped me a lot in understanding Microsoft’s recruiting procedure and probably played an important role in my selection.

They left Microsoft and now today I found the name/website of their company.

Zoe left Microsoft for joining Washington Mutual in January 2005.

Gretchen left Microsoft for entrepreneurship in April 2006.

So Zoe and Gretchen are again together in JobSyntax. And how can you think that they can stop blogging. They have a wonderful blog as well. I have read some posts and they are great. And moreover, they do mention Microsoft here and there. So their posts are great for finding IT jobs and can also be read to get some specific knowledge regarding Microsoft. All this is really exciting.


One Response to Zoe and Gretchen (Ex Microsoft Recruiters) – New Blog

  1. gretchen says:

    Hey – thanks for the mention! I’m glad you found us over on our new blog. Yep, the content is pretty much the same … except covering a broader range of topics on software engineering careers, job searches, and recruiting. But we’re the same ol’ Zoe and Gretchen!

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