Google for Enterprise

I have a lot of documents in my hard disk. When I first installed Google Desktop some couple of years back, I thought that it would be fun if other family members on LAN can search for documents in my hard disk through Google’s Web interface. Tried a lot but didn’t succeed.

Today, I saw that Google has enterprise products that provide facilities like this (though they are costly for a normal home user like me). However option is there.

P.S. By the way, I uninstalled Google after sometime because it used to save its index files on C drive (and there was no option to customize its path for Index Files). I have low disk space on C and when I noticed that Google Desktop has index files of more than 1 GB now, I decided to uninstall it. Don’t know whether they have made the index file path configurable in new versions or not. If someone knows about this, he/she can comment and update me.


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