Windows is not a problem always

Michael Kaplan has written a great post.

It always happens with me as well when I call my broadband Internet provider. They would suppose that the caller is the dumbest person on this earth and start with “Is your modem ON”? Then they would always tell me that you have to install SP2 and use anti-virus because windows is very insecure. Your Internet speed is slow due to viruses in your computer πŸ™‚ (I want to ask how many viruses actually consume Internet bandwidth?).

Reminds me of a more interesting thing. Here in Pakistan, if light goes out in a train for a while, people would start expressing their anger against the power supply company that provides electricity to home users (yes I am talking about diesel engine trains and not those that are run by electricity).

Probably, we look for opportunities to put the blame of our mistakes on someone else. When our programs don’t work in Debug mode and work in release mode (or vice versa), we blame the compilers 😦 – Don’t we?


One Response to Windows is not a problem always

  1. yes I this always happens with me…. My previous ISP ( Mohalla internet network) always suggested to reinstall my windows XP with SP 2 at any problems. When I started using Linux he blocked my MAC address and said LInux is not supported on his network because Linux is very dangerous and I can hack his network with linux :P. I scrapped that provided. Now using cyber dsl.

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