KFC Run by Deaf

I went to a KFC branch today and saw that most of the staff at that outlet was deaf or probably had some other disability. There was a huge board as well that said that this restaurant has employees that are deaf or mute.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that some organization has started this. People with disabilities don’t get many jobs but its good when companies begin to accommodate them. Its a good business trick to attract customers but more important is the social service that they are providing to the society.

Now when I came back and searched on Internet, I realized that this concept is not new in KFC. May be its the first one in Pakistan but this has been done by KFC in other parts of the world.

Next time, when I have to go somewhere to eat, KFC will have an edge because they are trying to accommodate neglected people of our society.

This gives me another idea. Software is another industry where these people can work with proper training e.g. if we train those people how to design web sites, how to write programs etc – then they can work as a freelancer at least. There are many web sites like RentACoder and Kasamba etc. where one doesn’t need to talk/hear most of the times. Most of the communication is done through emails etc. These disabled people can earn a reasonable living through this.


2 Responses to KFC Run by Deaf

  1. Salman says:

    Well ofcourse this seems a nice idea to get those ppl into the profession. I havent been to that envirnonment yet but i have some fears regarding the customer satisfaction. I am not sure if they will be able to maintain the quality in customer satisfaction which indeed is the priority for every business. By customer satisfaction i mean that the ppl who cant listen, the customers will have to struggle alot to make them understand what they need. As we all know all the customers dont have much patience, they might loose their patience while trying to make those ppl understand their desired order. This can create unusual situation.

    Furthermore one of my supervisor here at the job brought some food from KFC and yea those ppl were serving. When he came to office he just found out that the order is not just what he ordered, like something was missing. Well he just tolerated that as he knew their state, but will every person bear that? i am not sure about it.

    The idea of bringing those ppl into the field is no doubt a great contribution to the society but bringing them straightaway to the driving seat, is it a good decision keeping in mind all the negative impacts this can have?

  2. Salman, I agree with your concerns to an extent. Yes customer satisfaction might be an issue but your supervisor’s case can be an exception as well (Normal people at KFC also do mistakes).

    If they were all doing these mistakes often, KFC outlet would have been a scene of chaos. However everything was being done in a smooth way. Secondly, not all the people are special people. They have mixed them with their regular employees.

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