PUCIT Reunion (First Two Batches)

Yesterday (September 10, 2006), I attended a reunion of PUCIT students (First two batches only – BCSS01 and BCSF01). I was in the second batch — so some of them were my seniors and all others were my friends. It was nice to see so many people after a year or so (Every person has a close circle of friends who keep on meeting regularly but to see all your batch-mates at one place is like going back to good old university days). It was more special for me and I will be soon leaving for Microsoft and there is a very remote chance that I could attend future reunions.

There is another thing that makes it so special. I got this idea first of all to arrange a reunion (Yes I started it). I worked so hard to make this idea a reality because I wish and hope that an annual reunion becomes a tradition (We were the first two batches of PUCIT, so we had to start this tradition). The coming reunions will be having more participants but I can always boast that I initiated this idea and 70 people came in the first reunion :).

Initiating an idea is another thing (Things are easier said than done). Implementing an idea requires team work. Rehan did a wonderful job deciding all the Food Menu and venue etc. Sir Waqar and Anzar provided their full support in opening a booking office at PUCITCS (PUCIT Computer Society). 

Kashif gave a very good description of reunion in his own unorthodox way.

Ayaz has blogged about this reunion as well. 

Aleem came to attend this all the way from Dubai. Lets see when he describes his experience. Personally I am waiting for Haroon Saeed’s remarks on this as well. Lets see what he has to say if he decides to blog about this.

It was a memorable day. You can see one of the photographs on my Flickr photos.


2 Responses to PUCIT Reunion (First Two Batches)

  1. Ayaz says:

    Great idea and well executed. thumbs up for ya

  2. […] Actually I am quite late to blog about this, Fahim has been waiting for haroon and my comments about the event (Haroon does’nt seem to get time to write). Hammad(bunty), Ayaz and Kashif have also written about thier experiences. […]

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