Yeah I am back

I am back at blogging after almost a month. What has been happening in these days is that I moved from Pakistan to Seattle. Joined Microsoft on Oct 2nd, 2006. I still don’t have a good laptop at home (borrowed it from a friend) and have dial up Internet (yes I said dial-up). So I’m still not reading any blogs. Planning to get my laptop (and high speed internet) soon and probably things will be normalized after that.

And about being in Microsoft. Its an exciting ride so far. This Seattle/Redmond area is beautiful. Have so many good places to visit. The relocation process was very smooth. I didn’t have to worry about anything (except cooking – exceptions are always there :P). And about work. Work environment is great. People are friendly and helpful.

Me getting settled gradually. Somethings have amazed me. The communication services are very expensive here (as compared to Pakistan). Sending an International SMS costs $0.20 in US while in Pakistan it used to be $0.025. Receiving an International SMS costs $.10 here while in Pakistan it was absolutely free. Incoming was totally free in Pakistan while here they charge for incoming as well. I don’t know why is it so :(.

I have passed the Written Driving Test in the first go. Lets see what I do in the Road Test.

Lets hope that I can continue blogging 🙂


6 Responses to Yeah I am back

  1. Ayaz says:

    Welcome back :).

    Well yea communication is costly in US (to the extent i know:) ) and u wont believe the new tarrifs warid etc are offering here :S. Its really getting cheap 😉

  2. Fayyaz Khan Lodhi says:


    It’s really nice to hear from you and knowing that you are getting settled. My best wishes for the future. Do keep in touch. And yes this piece of information about costly communication is amazing for me too

  3. Adil Saleem says:

    baray afsos kee baat hay…main nay kaha tha treat do and you said…JANAY SAY PEHLAY doon ga…roz-e-kayamat mera haath tumharay daman per ho ga…and i will claim my TREAT…INSHALLAH

    btw…its nice to hear from you after a long time…keep in touch

  4. Mustufa Khan says:

    what pay does Microsoft gives to SDED and SDET and what pay are you getting.

  5. Salman Saeed says:

    Would you like to share interview questions which were asked to you during interview at Microsoft.

  6. Iram says:


    Welcome to USA!! Nothing is free!!

    You can breathe, but you pay heavy taxes for it 🙂

    All the best for your new job! Was browsing microsfot web site and found Priya’s interview and then your own blog…..


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