My interview on Microsoft’s JobsBlog

Last week, Priya (recruiter from Microsoft) interviewed me and posted my interview on Microsoft’s Jobsblog. It is even more great because of the fact that Priya was not my recruiter. She just met me on a brownbag meeting (jargon for informal meetings at Microsoft) and later interviewed me. This is the kind of openness that Microsoft employees have among them. Its just like a big community.

I remember another incident as well. I met a Microsoft employee at Seoul airport. On knowing that we (one of my friends was with me) are going to join Microsoft, he became really happy and even offered to drop us at our place in his car on reaching Seattle.


4 Responses to My interview on Microsoft’s JobsBlog

  1. newcallforu says:

    AOA:- I am very happy to see you working @ Microsoft.I wish you best of luck in the future and i hope you will participate your share in shining the image of Pakistan for the rest of the word.

  2. WOWWW!!! .. really nice well for the first time i had read the whole page full of english and thats the interview coz fahim jigs , u have said in local tone .. keep on rocking …


    Mohsin Maqsood …

  3. Vj says:

    Proud of Fahim!

  4. techwoo says:

    Oh! Thank for nice post about My interview on Microsoft's JobsBlog. If you want share more about this topic, you can read it at

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