About Me!

Ok. So a little bit about me. My Name is Mian Fahim ul Haq. I am a Software Engineer.

I graduated in Computer Science from Punjab University College of Information Technology in 2005.

Started my career working at Palmchip Pakistan (http://www.palmchip.com).

Currently working at Jansons Engineering Services

Has accepted a job offer as SDET in Microsoft. Will be joining Exchange Server team in October 2006 most probably.


5 Responses to About Me!

  1. Bcss03m050 says:

    ur web site is good. I want to get info(mean email address or contact no.) about bcsf01m035. i want this info to contact him/her to get assistance about our final project. Plz mail me at the above mentioned email adress if u have any info about him/her. plz,plz

  2. “shabaash”
    keep up the gooooooooooooooooooood work

  3. Fazlay Rabbi says:

    U r really a great softwere engineer. I proud of u.

  4. ubaid says:

    well i am also a pucitian the people like you gvme strength n feeling tht “WE r da Best”

  5. Tausseef says:

    Kindly contact me on mail Id…need some help

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