At War with a Virus and Anti-Viruses

July 7, 2006

Well, in a modern world, there comes a time in every computer user’s life when his computer has a virus. So some days back my computer was hit by a virus and my usual Norton protection didn’t seem to work.

I thought of checking some other products available.

Started with Zone Alarm Security suite which was a good option. It has a good firewall, also has anti-spyware and anti-virus support.

I tested on my office server and it was fine. I tested it on my home server and there was some problem with it. It’s firewall would detect the local LAN connection or the direct Internet connection but not both at the same time. So the server stopped working as Internet gateway because of which I had to uninstall it. (I tried re-installing it, searched on Internet, visited Zone Alarm support forms but I didn’t get the answer to my question). By the way I know that in Zone Alarm you have to select the option that this computer is an ICS server. So don’t think that I missed to check that option. I checked all the required options but it won’t detect oth networks simultaneously.

Another name is Bit Defender. Its Internet Security Suite is cool and it solved my problem as well. I was so happy that I installed it on my home PC, my office PC and on my father’s laptop. But the next day, my father was complaining that his computer has suddenly become very slow. My own PC (both at home and at office) became very slow and would halt after sometime. Bit Defender eats your computer resources like anything. It has some 5-6 process and their CPU usage is second to System Idle Process. Finally I decided to uninstall Bit Defender as well. Its good but hey I want to work on my PC as well. I don’t want to just play CATCH A VIRUS at all times.

However, BitDefender has a good antivirus. So I downloaded its Free version which doesn’t provide real time protection and only acts as On Demand Scanner (Guess What! I just wanted that). It still starts a few processes at system start-up but it doesn’t make my PC that slow.

In all this time, Norton Corporate Edition remained there .. happily active but not bothered 🙂