A Priceless Picture

September 4, 2006

A few days back, my friend Farhan Hafeez sent me a picture. This picture is priceless for me. It was taken on March 22, 2001 (Yes I still remember the date). It was our last day in Government College (Now Government College University) Lahore. Most of the people in the picture were 12 yrs old friends (10 yrs of School and 2 yrs of College). For me, this was a 4 yrs old friendship (2 yrs of Matriculation and 2 years of College). I was a relatively new one in the group but was so much well adjusted that most people now think that I was in their school (I had people asking me, “Hey, in which section of school were you? I remember you were there but cannot remember your section.”).

We all had a wonderful time together and then split up. Some went to Medical colleges, some to Engineering University and others to Computer and Business studies etc. Now some of these are in different cities and countries. All these people in this picture rarely meet but whenever any two of us meet, its an exciting day. 


There is an old adage – “Make new friends, keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold.”

These people and this picture reminds of a wonderful, carefree College life a.k.a “Those Were the Best Days of My Life“.

Here is the picture (Its not in a very good shape as it was probably scanned but who cares).



And I still need to learn some cooking

August 31, 2006

Oh ! When in December 2005, I got selected for Microsoft and I was told that I could join in October 2006 – I thought it is never going to come. However its almost coming and now I think I am unprepared. Finishing couple of projects is not the most problematic issue right now. Most problematic issue is perhaps SHOPPING (No, I don’t like shopping that much:P) and I have a HUGE list.

And I still need to learn some basics of cooking. I remembered this cooking stuff because I came across this site.

By the way, the followings web-sites have got a lot of Pakistani recipes. I must remember all of these and they will be handy once I am in Seattle.



http://www.urdupoint.com/cooking (This website is in Urdu).



There are many more 😛 but I have to do shopping as well .. hehe :D.