My interview on Microsoft’s JobsBlog

November 20, 2006

Last week, Priya (recruiter from Microsoft) interviewed me and posted my interview on Microsoft’s Jobsblog. It is even more great because of the fact that Priya was not my recruiter. She just met me on a brownbag meeting (jargon for informal meetings at Microsoft) and later interviewed me. This is the kind of openness that Microsoft employees have among them. Its just like a big community.

I remember another incident as well. I met a Microsoft employee at Seoul airport. On knowing that we (one of my friends was with me) are going to join Microsoft, he became really happy and even offered to drop us at our place in his car on reaching Seattle.


Probable Bug in Visual Studio

August 25, 2006

My friend Mohsin Saleem (no he doesn’t have a blog, so cannot link here) pointed out that he has seen a strange behavior on Visual Studio 6 for the following code.

  1. union u {
  2.     union u {
  3.         int i;
  4.         int j;
  5.     } a[20]; //Edit: Its not a[10]. Faisal, thanks for pointing it out.
  6.     int b[20]; 
  7. }u;
  8. int main()
  9. {
  10.     printf(“%d\n”, sizeof(u) );
  11.     printf(“%d\n”, sizeof(u.a));
  12.     return 0;
  13. }

Visual Studio returned


Now that was amazing. I opened it in VS7. When made a .cpp file, it flagged a compile time error. When shifted to .c file, the same results 80, 1600.

Tried it on Dev-C++ and it worked according to what theory suggests. It returned



When change line 5 to “} a[10]”, Visual studio returned


Dev C++ Returned

With some other examples, I concluded that Visual Studio does this. sizeof(u) * (number of elements in a).

Don’t know whether this bug is reported or not. If it is, good. If not, the credit goes to Mohsin who first pointed this to me :).

 Edit2: Faisal also told me that he tried it on VS 2005 and its still a bug. Thanks to him in pointing out some blunders in my explanation as well.

Windows is not a problem always

August 18, 2006

Michael Kaplan has written a great post.

It always happens with me as well when I call my broadband Internet provider. They would suppose that the caller is the dumbest person on this earth and start with “Is your modem ON”? Then they would always tell me that you have to install SP2 and use anti-virus because windows is very insecure. Your Internet speed is slow due to viruses in your computer 🙂 (I want to ask how many viruses actually consume Internet bandwidth?).

Reminds me of a more interesting thing. Here in Pakistan, if light goes out in a train for a while, people would start expressing their anger against the power supply company that provides electricity to home users (yes I am talking about diesel engine trains and not those that are run by electricity).

Probably, we look for opportunities to put the blame of our mistakes on someone else. When our programs don’t work in Debug mode and work in release mode (or vice versa), we blame the compilers 😦 – Don’t we?

MSDN Library is a free Download now

August 15, 2006

Wow! Microsoft has done a great job making MSDN library free for downloading. Previously, Online version were free but offline versions came with MSDN subscription. This will help a lot of students and professionals who don’t have Internet access or have slow Internet connections. Currently May 2006 version is available while all the future releases will be free as well. Great move.

By the way, you can download it from here.

Zoe and Gretchen (Ex Microsoft Recruiters) – New Blog

August 4, 2006

This is really exciting. All of us who are fan’s of Microsoft JobsBlog know that it started due to the efforts of Zoe and Gretchen. They have 3 exciting videos as well in Channel 9. Their posts helped me a lot in understanding Microsoft’s recruiting procedure and probably played an important role in my selection.

They left Microsoft and now today I found the name/website of their company.

Zoe left Microsoft for joining Washington Mutual in January 2005.

Gretchen left Microsoft for entrepreneurship in April 2006.

So Zoe and Gretchen are again together in JobSyntax. And how can you think that they can stop blogging. They have a wonderful blog as well. I have read some posts and they are great. And moreover, they do mention Microsoft here and there. So their posts are great for finding IT jobs and can also be read to get some specific knowledge regarding Microsoft. All this is really exciting.

Microsoft International Recruting – “What to Expect?”

August 3, 2006

Microsoft’s International Recruiter Priya Priyadarshini posted a complete description of How International Recruiting works in Microsoft. She has taken the pain to describe Everything you wanted to know about International Recruiting.

P.S. My own experience was no different from what is described in this post.

A Story about Google Interviews

July 20, 2006

My Friend Haroon Saeed is writing an account of his Telephonic Interviews with Google. He is one of the most intelligent, enthusiastic people whom I personally know. Reading this gives you an idea that what you should should expect when in Interview with Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc. You can access his Blog at

One more thing. Many people ask me what to expect in Microsoft Interviews. I have only one answer for all of them and it provides almost every information. Visit Microsoft JobsBlog at Read its archives and Download related videos from Channel 9, and you will know each and everything regarding Microsoft Interviews.